Model Copax TimelessXL V9 ready for release

The update for TimelessXL V9 has been completed and is ready for release. This update significantly enhances the dataset, including detailed improvements in character appearances, environmental settin...

Copax Realistic

Realistic model, with detailed character appearance and skin. Model released exclusively for

Copax Cute SDXL

You can dowload and use it this here: semi realistic and anime style (75) Copax Cute XL – SDXL1.0 – V2 | Tensor.Art Copax Cute XL – SDXL1.0 – v3 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint |...

Copax TimeLess V8- SDXL

Copax TimeLessXL – SDXL1.0 – V8 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai

Copax TimeLess V2-SDXL

Version 2 introduces additional details for physical appearances, facial features, etc. Character images and color ranges are now more distinct and clearly separated from each other.